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Weigh Price Label with Espera

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

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Weigh price labelling is the process of weigh a product or package and then printing a weight and price on a label and applying it. This type of labeling is used when the processor or packer is selling their product by "catch weight". Catch weight is when a package of product is trade by its actual weight. As opposed to fixed weight where the average weight of a product is calculated. When labeling by "Catch Weight" each package is individually weighed and given an unique label based on its weight.

Our Weigh Price Labeling partner, Espera, has been in business since 1922. Starting with the Butcher Countertop weigh price labeler our machines now are high capacity, robust systems. The evolution of Espera's Weigh Price labelers has been guided by a century of experience and the precision of German Engineering.

Today Espera has solutions for the full scope of Weigh Price Labeling:

Manual Weigh Price Labeller (ES3000)

Manual Weigh Price Labeler

Weigh Price Labeller (es5000)

Automatic Weigh price Labeler

Up to 50 packs per minute

Small Footprint

Weigh Price Labeller (es7000)

Automatic Weigh Price Labler

Up to 120 packs per minute

Robust Workhorse

Case Weigh Price Labeller (es6000)

Automatic Weigh Price Labeler

For Bulk Boxes or Heavy Packages

Up to 40 packs per minute

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